Few facts

Currently I’m a freelance digital marketer & designer, supporting clients and marketing agencies in digital projects: websites & landing pages, social media and content marketing, graphic design.

I appreciate remote work, so I can explore new places from time to time. @notravelnofun

Lately, I explore a lot in the field of ux and ui design. Online courses, tutorials, podcasts, blogs and tech community meetups became part of my everyday life.

I have my mind open to UX challenges and create my own concepts. My current goal is to join an experienced design team and start working on more complex commercial projects.

I like common challenges. The recent one I participated was #codenovember held by @theawwwesomes. I refreshed the basics of html & css and had so much fun!

I am a huge fan of llamas, alpacas and craft, so few months ago I decided to mix these things and I opened an online shop. I visit alpacas farms and cooperate with talented craftsmen and illustrators. It’s like a dream side project, I enjoyed it very much. @llamaandfriends

Generally, I like to keep myself busy.

Short story

So how I found myself comfortable in marketing, design & technology world?

After few years of working at marketing agencies as project manager, I decided to challenge myself and become a designer. Since day one of my professional career, I worked with many talented designers and developers, took part in branding and rebranding projects as well as digital products development.

My organisational and soft skills lead me to account executive and project management positions, but the creative part of our job was always something that fascinated me the most.

In 2015 I jumped into startup world, as a cofounder of publishsosimply.com, a digital publishing web app for marketers. I took part in two acceleration programs – Start-Up Chile and 1440 organized by Ingram Content Group.

The second one was a 14-week bootcamp for digital publishing startups held in Nashville, Tennessee. It was amazing experience in terms of my product design experience